poplars poplars everywhere

When landing in Beijing yesterday (yesterday?!) we saw rows and rows – armies and armies – of poplar trees everywhere.  The poplar tree seems to be the tree that grows everywhere in Beijing – and they grow in “stands” so there are most impressive.  Under them, very small pine trees grow, so there are large, tall poplars with sporadic little pines everywhere outside the city.

There are poplars here in Ulaan Bataar too, and they are turning yellow already.  Autumn in Mongolia is in full swing.  in Beijing, not at all – teeshirt weather.  Here, warm jackets. 

Thought you’d like a tree report!


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  1. Jody Lemke

    Kristin, I am exhausted already just reading your posts about your journey thus far. Wow.

    I am so happy your daughter is with you. What a great experience for you both. You are so calm and at ease no matter what curve balls are thrown at you. I would have crumbled three times by now from anxiety attacks!

    Sounds like you are in for a fantastic month.

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