First meeting with colleagues!

Yesterday I met with a dozen colleagues from the Foreign Languages Department for the first time.  They teach English, American culture, and British history majors.  Some are in the first year of teaching and others have been in the Department more than 20 years ~ what a spirited and cordial group!  I did an interactive presentation about word formation and then we chatted for about 30 minutes around the table.  They had hot tea and biscuits for us. 

We had great fun talking about language change in both English and Mongolian; for example, they said that in Mongolian, “to Canon” is to make photocopies (like we say/said “to xerox”).  Not one of them had heard of the peculiar phenomenon called “sexting”, and they were quite horrified to hear of it! 

By the way there seems to be a lot less cellphone dependence here – people are walking down the street talking and chatting and looking around at their environment. Refreshing!

The whole department (90 faculty, not just the 12 I met from the English department) is going on a daylong excursion to a “ger camp” today, and we are invited along!  Should be a fantastic day!!  


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