We’ve had cable TV in both living quarters, but I do miss the radio – that’s my favorite medium. On the TV channels we can see Mongolian sports (including the big tournament last summer of the three Mongolian “male sports” of horse racing, archery, and wrestling; the racing and wrestling were rebroadcast, and it was spellbinding!), a music video channel with some very cool fusion type Mongolian music including electric guitars, horse fiddle players, and a shaman wildly incanting in the background, a religious station with orange-robed lamas chanting and meticulously interpreting a text and its illustrations, a low-budget kind of sesame street show with cute kids talking to two large costumed creatures, and then a number of Russian language channels. We can also get the National Geographic channel in English, with Russian ads interspersed, and the BBC, the most far flung and trusted English language news source in the world. I haven’t heard an Asian focused broadcast but we haven’t watched that much.

The internet here in the Lotus Guest House is definitely more reliable and faster than my wifi in Evanston, and that bothers me!

The voltage is 110 volts and wall plugs allow us to put in our own devices directly, without any adaptor – also very handy. It works out very well!


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