The Talent Show cast and judges

talent show cast and judges

There was a talent show last night, featuring all of the English students, and I was the “chief judge,” along with Karima, a Mongolian faculty member and a Mongolian student who is in a band. A good time was had by all – we evaluated contestants on three criteria: accuracy of the English words; musicality of the singing performance; and stage presence. Having grown up with mp3s and karaoke, many of these students are incredibly gifted singers of English songs, with the vocal techniques and nuances of the superstars like Beyonce and Bruno Mars. The prizes were cakes – bought by the teachers – and the grand prize winner got a teeshirt featuring the Chicago Blackhawks. You’ll see me at the back – not the tallest! but the “blondest,” I guess.


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  1. Leah

    Hello Kristin and Karima, I’ve really enjoyed the blog: loved the shots of Mongolian ponies, magpies (black & white birds of happiness?), Genghis statures, gers, etc. Your classroom observations were interesting too, along with the talent show. Cakes as prizes? Certainly a different culture. What a wonderful experience you have had.
    I’ll be in Joplin when you get back. I’ll see you in a week. Can’t wait to hear more about your amazing trip. Leah

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