Intrepid Daughter

Well, the real action in the next four days will not be from me, tethered to Ulaan Bataar, but my intrepid daughter, who is about to spend four days in the Gobi Desert!

Between the internet, Lonely Planet travel guide, and our friend who works in tourism in the summers, she has arranged everything – she’ll be staying with a camel breeding family in a ger, and seeing the great dunes of the Gobi. She was willing to take the 18 hour bus ride, which is infamous, but then found an open seat on a flight by walking into an “air travel” storefront. Not all seats are shown online or even found by making a phone call – some are held in reserve for certain clients and then open up when not used.

I am a bit jealous — but, it was the Fulbright that brought me here to begin with, so I need to put first things first and stay put. But — how thrilling to have such a daughter! I will be adventuring vicariously in the next few days. She gets back Saturday afternoon and we’ll leave for home on Sunday morning – a nice long plane ride to catch me up on all the excitement!


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