The three [accidental] items I needed the most

I packed a whole lot of stuff I didn’t use because I overestimated how cold it would be in October….on the other hand, I accidentally packed three little things that were absolutely critical to my functioning!

The first was a tiny, dim pocket flashlight my son had asked me to carry at some point, and I had forgotten to remove from my purse. It’s about the size of a lipstick tube. Our dwelling has a totally dark stairwell at the bottom, before going out the big iron door, and includes 3 crumbling steps. That lil ole dim flashlight was a savior to me at that place!

The second was a wooden clothespin I also forgot I had in my purse. We have a great little Panasonic washing machine in the bathroom, but nowhere to hang up the clothes. We’ve used every door top and counter, but the clothespin allowed me to hang up one more shirt. Things dry quickly in Mongolia because of the aridity, but not if they’re not hanging up! Oh, the clothespin was from some classroom exhibit with children’s art hanging from a clothes line. I think the clothespin was left behind and I put it in my purse, maybe 6 months ago!

Finally, my mom furnished me with her down-padded long black coat, thinking I’d need it to cover cold legs. It is so radically out of style here that I just can’t wear it (and you know I’m not very fussy about that!) HOWEVER, inside two hidden pockets are those little stretchy gloves we can buy for a dollar at Walgreens – they are just the right degree of warmth for daytime weather here, and I have used them to and from the university every day.

moral: Good things may be small and humble and may not immediately reveal their usefulness…


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  1. Kristin: This is such a wonderful narration! Will you make a presentation at the Levy Center?
    Danielle Pickard

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