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how nomads move these days

nomads moving their ger

I’m back in the States now and winding down the blog, but I wanted to make sure I posted a few great photos first!

This is how nomads move these days – Mongolian nomads actually only move a couple of times a year, basically following the seasons, so they take their whole kittenkiboodle with them. You see the ger top and the chimney in the back of the truck? And underneath them are all the possessions that will go in the ger. Not sure about how the livestock are moved.

I already feel like I have visited another planet and have trouble describing what I saw and did – unless you visit the blog – it really helps tell the story!


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Old and New, again


Thought you’d enjoy this photo showing contrasts, too….
outside a ger, out on the high steppes, with an outside squat toilet, piles of manure from grazing animals – with a satellite dish (probably for the tourists!)

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starting up the little stove inside the ger

starting up the little stove inside the ger

the walls of the ger are covered with bright flowered fabrics and there are comfy pillows on couches all along the walls. The wood burning stove has a chimney that goes out the hole at the top of the ger, so there is no smoke inside. It’s quite cozy!

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October 6, 2013 · 6:29 am